My name is Jennifer Pagan Walker and I have been making up stories and drawing as along as I can remember. Animals always played a key role in my stories, drawings and photographs. Growing up in a rural neighborhood I spent much of my childhood wandering in the ‘wild’ spaces around me, drawing animals, looking for animal tracks and playing the explorer. I made plaster casts and soon could identify many species by the tracks they left behind. These mystery animals became my companions and the heroes in my stories. I began taking art classes in the fifth grade and new I had found something I loved. I drew, painted and created every chance I got out of whatever I found lying around. Because of this, I have an eclectic mix of work and style as well as a large collection of bones, feathers and skulls I have found while exploring. They are great for reference and inspiration! I have published a children’s book of Nez Perce legends that my husband and I wrote together. (buy it here-> Coyote Tails ) The book tells a few of the most well known legends of the Nez Perce and all feature Coyote, a hero of many tribes. The book features the Nez Perce language in a child friendly format. I am currently adding stories to the Coyote series. I live with my husband and our two wolf hybrids in mountains of western Montana where wildlife is right outside our door. My husband is a Nez Perce tribal member and I am a member of the Taino tribe from Puerto Rico. Our heritage plays a large part in my stories, artwork and photographs as we strive to honor our ancestors and culture through the age old tradition of storytelling.

Many of my illustrations are available printed on a wide variety of products here



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