Summer Solstice


Medicine Wheel at Dawn

The sacred Medicine Wheel at the top of Medicine Mountain in Wyoming.

Summer Solstice greetings! As we enjoy and celebrate the longest day of the year, remember this is the perfect time of year to reflect on your life, passions and work. This is the day to set your intentions, to vocalize your goals and put your plans into motion. Traditionally a day symbolizing the balance between the light and darkness, this day is a day for honoring the earth and to plant the seeds for your personal growth. From ancient pagan rituals to Native American Sun dances, there are as many ways to honor the sun as there are moments of sunshine on this day. The ancient Medicine Wheel located on Medicine Mountain in Wyoming was built by an ancient race and has been used by Native Americans for centuries. The sacred wheel aligns with the sun and solstices and is a place for prayer and reverence. It is no coincidence that today is World Prayer and Peace day. Say a prayer for the earth today.  Say a prayer for peace and say a prayer of thanks for all you have and will have in the future. Today is a perfect day to create something that brings you happiness. It does not matter what you create as long as it makes you happy. Create a centerpiece out of sunflowers to bring the beauty of the summer indoors. Tie dye a t-shirt. Paint a picture. Enjoy a bonfire with friends, plant flowers or just sit outside and soak up some healing rays (and Vitamin D)! Happy Midsummer! May the seeds you plant today grow strong and bear fruit for you in the coming year.


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