Good tired

Day by day, one step at a time, one brush stroke or one word…quantity is not the goal, creating is! Many of us want to do work that involves our passion without fully understanding it will still be work. It is called a  labor log love specifically because there is real work involved. There are may times it won’t feel like work. Those are the best! The times when the words flow faster than you can keep up, when brushstrokes bring out your subject before you even know what it is supposed to be. Those are the moments when passion takes over and you are just along for the ride. In order to have those moments you must work daily. You must create when you don’t feel creative, when your muse is asleep somewhere leaving you to muck through alone. The more you exercise your creative muscles, the stronger they will become. The stronger they become, the more often you can just go along for the ride and be amazed at what you are truly capable of! Every artist is part magician. We create beings out of our imaginations, worlds out of dreams, lives out of mist. Harry Chapin once spoke about his grandfather telling him the difference between good tired and bad tired. Bad tired can, ironically, be a day that you won but you fought someone else’s battles and worked on someone else’s dreams. At the end of the night, you toss and turn and have trouble sleeping. Good tired can be a day that you lost but you fought your battles for your dreams and at the end of the day, you rest easy because you know you gave it your all, regardless of whether you won or lost. Since the majority of us have to work to survive, why not work for yourself? Why not make your dreams come true instead of working to realize someone else’s dreams? At the end of the day, sleep easy and be good tired because we know we worked on making our dreams come true. We fought the good fight, through writer’s block, wonky lines and messed up brush strokes. We fought for us!


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