Beware of bears!

I often grab my camera and run for the woods, looking for both solace and inspiration. Thursday was hot an uninspiring so I decided to make a quick trek into the wilderness to photograph the recent explosion of wildflowers. I had also hoped to catch a glimpse of the fawns that are starting to venture out with their mothers. I had photographed flowers and dragonflies and even an osprey, so I was relaxed, inspired and ready to head for home. I was on the last leg of my journey and just about to leave the forest when I received the best surprise! A mother black bear and her two cubs!! I quickly got out of my truck and making sure she did not feel threatened, I began snapping pictures of her and the cubs. Photographing bear cubs is like photographing four year olds during recess, nearly impossible. Mama bear however, was more agreeable as she watched me with curiosity. She kept an eye on me and the cubs and provided me with some wonderful photos and truckloads of inspiration! Here is one of the photos I took and am currently painting. I am trying to find a place for her and her cubs in one of my stories so  I have a good excuse to paint many pictures of them! Proof positive you never know where or when you will find inspiration but never stops looking! When you find it, run with it and enjoy every minute!arewecool


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